First steps next to the office

Last April we had a guest in the framework of the Erasmus scholarships.

Project: Transnational mobility for students and graduates and vocational staff trainings” implemented by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System in Warsaw co-financed by European Union under the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development .

On this occasion we opened the doors to a student selected from fifteen of the school that won the Erasmus scholarship.

Our motivation has been double, both for the linguistic exchange and for the fact of teaching that it is always a rewarding task.

We leave the last assessment of the experience written by Jan Kurzawa.


“I am Jan. I am form Poland and I study geodesy in build-school. This school is in a Krosno. It´s little town. I am in second class. I had to go to practice of my job for one month. I found myself on the list people who will go to practice in Barcelona. I was the one of fifteen people from list.

I worked in Altiplà for one month. First time when I came to Altiplà office I met Toni. He showed me everything about our work and after he introduced me to work on total station. Next time I measured field for map with this equipment. I measure a lot of places for map; for example: roads, fields near the Tibidabo mountain etc. We stakeout new road and in a different time marks on the roof new gallery.

I worked with different partners every time. Every day I did something new. I learned in Altiplà new ways to measure. The best example was automatic total station and GPS pole. I measure fields in different places with nice view on Barcelona.

Every time when we have got some free time, we went to pavement with total station or GPS and we trained. That was very nice for me.

That was my school practice.”

Jan Kurzawa

 Working hard


Hoping that the experience has been profitable

Pleased to meet you and hope to hear from you soon