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Optimising routes

Often there are tedious tasks that seem endless, but with the appropriate planning, they can become entertaining and swift. Let us suppose we are assigned the task to check a series of points spread in a 50 – 80 Ha area distanced approximately 100 m between each other. Only the ones near the main roads […]

Hosting of a student from the INSA Strasbourg

  Last summer, Altiplà received a French student for a period of 6 weeks as part of an internship. My name is Hugo Salgues, I come from France and I am in 4th year in an engineering school specialising in Topography in Strasbourg, located in northeastern France. As part of my school curriculum, I must […]

Cartography production of drones images (UAV)

During the last 12 months Altiplà has produced a total of 1,000 hectares of 1: 500 and 1: 1,000 cartography from images captured with cameras integrated in drones. The projects cover different areas: quarries, landfills, flood studies, linear work, PDU, … All the generated products in photogrammetric workstations (with NVIDIA 3D vision systems) follow multiple […]

Dimensional control from data captured with laser scanner (point cloud – BIM) Case study of data capture and results of an industrial chimney

Using laser scanning equipment, for the massive capture of data of a certain element, a practically continuous model is obtained. This model allows to have a very detailed knowledge of the structure. Starting from the point cloud, once the data is processed with the Cyclone360 software, a set of documents are generated for the control […]

Collaboration with Erasmus + Scholarships

Last April we had a guest in the framework of the Erasmus scholarships. Project: Transnational mobility for students and graduates and vocational staff trainings” implemented by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System in Warsaw co-financed by European Union under the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development . On this occasion […]

Everything worths when it comes to topography

Building topo-surveying… on his kneess