Collaboration with a French student

Last summer, Altiplà received a French student for a period of 6 weeks as part of an internship.

My name is Hugo Salgues, I come from France and I am in 4th year in an engineering school specialising in Topography in Strasbourg, located in northeastern France. As part of my school curriculum, I must complete an internship every summer for a minimum of 4 weeks. Moreover, at the end of my 5 years, I must validate 12 weeks of internship in a country outside France.

For that purpose I then chose Barcelona and Altiplà to do this internship. I chose a duration of 6 weeks to validate my quota of weeks abroad and to learn as much things as possible. Indeed, I am counting on this internship to learn even more about the technical field, to have experience on the sites and to think about how to proceed with each topographical mission. This is very important for me as my courses are almost entirely theoretical.

Practical classes

The results of this internship were very positive for me. Indeed, it allowed me, as I wished, to acquire even more experience in the field, to have automatisms and to choose how to proceed with the elaboration of each project.

It also allowed me to carry out various very varied topographical missions, with new instruments and software, like:


Finally, each time I was able to do different and varied things with different people, each time, listening to me and eager to help me, which made my internship all the more enjoyable.

Altiplà is a close-knit and multidisciplinary team that gets along just as well in the workplace as it does outside. Indeed, we did an outing with the whole agency : hiking to the Costabona peak, which makes the links even stronger within the agency.